Press release, July 16th, 2020

Congress Future For All: Programme with more than 200 events on utopias and transformation is online +++ registration opens July 22nd

Leipzig. Panel discussions on the economy and society of tomorrow, more than 200 workshops, rooms for networking and exchanges, numerous art and cultural events: The online congress Future For All will offer its participants a diverse programme. From 25th to 30th August 2020, concrete proposals for a just future will be developed and discussed at the congress. Its programme gathers a great variety of contributions from social movements, trade unions, NGOs and the economy. Due to the corona pandemic, the workshops will be held online. All panel discussions will be open to everyone via livestream. The cultural programme “Art of Utopia” will partly take place analogue in Leipzig. The congress registration will open on July 22nd. The workshop programme is dimensioned for 1500 people, the panel discussions can be streamed globally.

“Crises such as the consequences of corona, climate change or racism show: There is an urgent need to think about a different future and ways of transforming society. Our workshops and panel discussions will exactly allow for this. And today the programme is online”, as Ronja Morgenthaler from the Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie explains. “We are living in an unjust society, but this system is not without alternatives. A future for all is based on a stable, democratic and just economy that sustains livelihoods long-term. This is exactly the direction several contributions at the congress will take. We are asking: How do we want to live in 2048? And how can we get there?”

The programme of the congress contains workshops and contributions from 14 different threads. These threads match those societal areas which are central to a social-ecological transformation, such as work, climate, agriculture, societal organisation, finance and housing. For each thread there will be a panel discussing suggestions for the future of the area. There will be three central evening panel discussions on “Economy of the Future”, “How to? Society of the Many” and “And how do we get to utopia? Pathways of social-ecological transformation”. In total, round about 250 contributors are involved in the programme. Among others, there will be workshops on: reduction of working hours, mobility turnaround, solidarity economy, supply chain legilation or the health system of the future. Furthermore, skills for the future such as digital organising, consensus moderation or media activism will be trained.
Speakers include author and artist Bini Adamczak, communication scientist Natasha A. Kelly, Uwe Meinhardt (Industrial Union of Metalworkers), Alassane Dicko (afrique europe interact), Dagmar Paternoga (attac Germany), Nilüfer Koç (co-chair Kurdistan National Congress) and Lann Hornscheidt (professor of gender studies).

The cultural programme “Art for Utopia” encompasses completely digital formats as well as events that take place in Leipzig and will partly be accessible via livestreams. Participants can expect workshops, excursions, movie nights, concerts, theatre, performances and installations. The panel discussion “Art for Utopia” will address the role of art and artists in societal transformation processes and regarding the development of utopias. To participate in the workshops, please register. The registration will open on July 22nd. The panel discussions as well as some art and culture events will be available via livestreams.

You can find more information on the congress as well as the entire programme online (Link).


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