Skillsharings for workshop instructors and participants

How can a digital workshop on the topic “Future For All” be successful? We have often asked ourselves this question. It is clear to us: Only together with you, the workshop instructors and participants.

A digital congress brings about many new challenges and opportunities. This is why we want to offer various skill sharing formats. These are meant to help all of us to be well prepared (technologically) to hold good workshops and be sensitive to discrimination in the digital sphere.

For general inforamtion on workshop design have a look at our workshop guidelines. The document is not adapted to digital-only workshops, though. And for all skillsharing dates, scroll down on this site, please, and do not refer to the dates in the document.

How does our digital congress work? Technology skillsharings

All questions on the technology of the congress and how it works – especially regarding the video conference tool BigBlueButton. We are offering exchange sessions on the following dates (always at 7 pm):

  • 06.08. (German)
  • 11.08. (English)
  • 13.08. (German)
  • 18.08., 3 pm CEST (UTC + 02:00) (English)
  • 20.08. (English)
  • 24.08. (German)

Access via this link.

Our exchange in these sessions will be based on the current technological design at the time. We hope to have the digital congress site ready from the beginning of August so that we can use it fort he corresponding dates.

Here you find two videos that introduce BigBlueButton:

Digital workshop design skillsharings

It is important to us, to allow for a variety of learning experiences. This challenge is even greater in the digital sphere. We will expand our planned offers on workshop design regarding the digital setup. These skillsharing sessions will also address discrimination-sensitive behaviour.

The dates are:

  • 06.08 (German)
  • 13.08. (English)
  • 19.08. (German)
  • 21.08. (English)

Access via this link.

Donate for a future for all

Our vision for a future for all is based on many shoulders. This applies to organising and funding the congress, too. Find out how you can support us financially here and how you can support in any other way here.