Thanks for this wonderful congress! 📝🔥🔌💻📻⁉️🗯👥💭🌤🌈

We worked together for six days on drafts for a social-ecological utopia.

Thank you very much for the inspiring exchange!

In over 300 workshops and 20+ panel discussions we met to describe ways to a just and ecological future.

The online-format of the congress was very challenging!

We would like to apologize to all participants*, speakers* and interpreters* for the technical problems that caused some big delays in the program and caused frustration! All the more reason to be pleased about the large number of participants and feedback on networking and inspiring experiences that you were able to take away from the workshops, podiums and cultural events.

Please give us feedback on your congress experience so that we can learn for future events!

Furthermore, we have a pretty big gap to finance this congress. Please transfer your participation fee, share our donation video and donate if you can afford it!

We will upload all recorded events to YouTube one by one, so you can still see the discussions you missed! Unfortunately most of them are in German. Sorry!

Check them out, read our book (in German), take to the streets and get organized.

We’ll stay tuned, digital and analog. And we keep on reflecting.

It’s time for visionary politics //

Instead of letting the climate crisis and the rise of the right get us down, at the congress we will develop, share and discuss visions of society which reach beyond the Capitalist society fixed on growth.

We want to bring people together who are working on a better future in very different ways: in practice and in theory, in social movements and in media, in education and politics, trade unions and NGOs. The congress will be a place for everyone who whishes to contemplate utopias and transformation, whether you’re new to the field or have been around for years.

We do not want to craft a master plan for the future. Instead, we will gather diverse ideas on how everything could be different than it is today. We want to empower each other and make plans on how to achieve our goals together.

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